Demo Reels for Real Actors by a Real Actor


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Erin MatthewsErin_M_Comedy.html
Comedy ReelErin_M_Comedy.html
Erin MatthewsErin_M_Drama.html
Drama ReelErin_M_Drama.html
Brian La RosaBrian_L_Movement.html
Movement ReelBrian_L_Movement.html
Brian La RosaBrian_L_Comedy.html
 Comedy ReelBrian_L_Comedy.html
...and editor, director, casting director, producer...
2-5 minute reel for $150 / 2 reels for $275 (up to 7 clips per reel)
(compare to others who charge $200+ for each reel)
1 minute speed reel for $75
package a 2-5 minute reel and speed reel for $200

 Plus what we include that others don’t....
  Comprehensive re-editing of scenes to only the best! 
  Sound FX, Scoring, Graphics  and Titles
  Head shots, photos and additional text when desired
  Free re-edit after agent/manger review
  Free updates to your reel within the first 6 months, $30 a clip after that
  Easy downloadable access to your reel on Slim Rock website
  Any format and aspect size requested at any time
  Your own page on Slim Rock website for industry viewing
  The eye of someone who is not just an Editor, but
                                                   an Actor,  Director, Casting Director,
                                                       Writer and Producer

e-mail to get started!

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SAMPLE Actor Pages

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Mandy June Turpin Drama ReelMandy_T_Drama.html
Erin MatthewsErinMatthews.html
Mandy June TurpinMandyJuneTurpin.html
Jim KrestaludeJimKrestalude.html
Jim Krestalude Drama ReelJim_K_Drama.html
Before & After Comparisons
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